It’s a Man’s World

It’s a Man’s World

… Contemporary Art Festival Budapest 2015-10-02 … I am sure they are great artists in their fields …. but …. why no women!?
It's a Man's World

Ps. The speech was in Hungarian so most unfortunately I didn’t understand ….. but I am sure these men are great cultural workers  …..

I have recieved info about the evening – Thanks to Ms. Boglárka IMRE, program manager
BFTK Budapest Festival & Tourism Center
Non-profit Limited Liability Company

On the stage you can see the representatives of the above mentioned institutes, namely (from left to right):

  • György Szemadám – member of Hungarian Academy of Arts
  • Pál Szilágyi  – representative of Ministry of Human Capacities
  • József Szurcsik – president of Day of Hungarian Painting Foundation
  • iski Tibor Kocsis – curator of the exhibition (young artists – below 40 years)
  • János Schneller – curator of the exhibition (middle generation – 40-70 years)
  • József Baksai – awarded painter.