Today Sun was back

The Parliament under a perfect blue sky.

 Here at the Parliament I often go to sit on a sofa and read a book. I like to sit among people and I love the sun and the Danube. This lion is one of my favorites and I shoot it every time I pass 😉 Often I write a poem or haiku to it like this today.
 Buda Castle on Buda side and the Chain Bridge over the Danube. Many boat cruisers along the boarder.
Days are so short now and the sunset comes early. When lights turn on and the sky i dark blue … well it cannot be more beautiful for an evening walk! This is the Academy of Science.

I found the sign amusing: Don’t forget to GO home!

 This police is popular both to shoot and to give a clap on the tummy. He is very shiny just on that spot. It is said to give luck. The Basilica or Saint Stephens Cathedral.

Ego sum via veritas et vita.


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