Nemzeti Vágta - National Gallop - Budapest

National gallop – Fantastic folk festival

Such a day!!!!! I’m totally exhausted (in a good way of course). I have about 400 photos and 3 films. It turned out this weekend is a grand folk festival. Andrássy Boulevard is closed for cars and festivities all along. But unfortunately the weather hasn’t been very good. Hopefully better tomorrow.

Ándrássy blvd from southwest – close to the Opera.

Ándrássy blvd, Opera, Budapest

Ándrássy blvd from northeast – close to the Hero square.
Ándrássy blvd, Hero Square, Budapest

I had a good place to take photos. Before each gallop racing the horses and the competitors were presented. The youngest started. And their clothes probably showed from which district they came.

Some horses were very eager and hot. This girl was unhappy being thrown off during the presentation. But she raced.


Racing – The large building is the Art Muséum.

After racing there were parades about different horse skills …

Nemzeti Vágta - National Gallop - Budapest

Nemzeti Vágta - National Gallop - BudapestNemzeti Vágta - National Gallop - Budapest

And finally when the sky was black and there were thunders …

Next round …

Hopefully not rain tomorrow 🙂


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